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Our office operates based on the following 3 philosophies:

We support you with an eye to the future

We provide services (permanent residence visa, etc.) with an eye on your future. Depending on your situation, we may not recommend the visa process.

Support until coming to Japan

We think that even if you receive permission from the Japanese side (issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility), there is no point in coming to Japan unless you are able to come to Japan. We will fully support you until you arrive in Japan.

We will clearly tell you the price

At our office, we make sure to display the total amount of fees. We are able to accurately estimate actual costs. We also do not recommend excessive services or unnecessary procedures.

An Immgration lawyer with over 10 years of experience will respond directly to you.

Communication with customers will be handled directly by the Immigration lawyer with over 10 years of experience. An assistant will not be able to assist you.

We work closely with each customer’s individual circumstances.

We have various experiences with foreign employment, foreign visa procedures, and support for foreigners, so We think it is easy to empathize with customers’ concerns and issues. In addition, we strive to proceed with our work while paying close attention to the circumstances of each individual customer.


Office Tsukuba World Immgration Support Ofice
Address Parkfront 1F  2-8-1 Kasuga Tsukuba sity Ibaraki Japan

12 minutes walk from Tsukuba Station 

Founding April  2009
Business content
  • Application for a work visa
  • Application for a spouse visa
  • Foreign recruitment consulting
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business hours 10:00~18:00  
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Books written by our office representatives

Books written by our office representatives

A book written by the representative of our firm was ranked first in the Amazon ranking (category: Introduction to Law).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has purchased.


A book written by our representative was featured in President magazine.



I was a lecturer at work visa training for foreigners.


Photo taken with the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Directions from Tsukuba Station (approx. 12 minutes)

  1. Exit A1 exit of Tsukuba station
  2. Go straight for about 200 meters. On the way, I passed a housing complex.
  3. There is a large T-junction at the end of the road.
  4. Cross the traffic light and turn right
  5. Go straight for about 300 meters.
  6. You can see Denny’s on your left. Turn left at the corner of Denny’s
  7. Turn right at the first small intersection
  8. You can see the apartment (Park Front) where our office is located on your left.